Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Here!!!!!!!

I am less then 7 weeks away from tying that special knot with that someone special.I got my dress yesterday!I love the dress but dislike the fact that my c section scar shows through.My colors are white,black,and camo so have thought about having a camo band put around the waist line.Please excuse my hair in the pics (I was in a mood when I left home and it was windy).October 16th is my day!I am excited but yet scared senseless.The kids are all in school again and it leaves me home alone on Tuesday's and Thursday's.I am finally able to speak to my ex without blowing up at him.I go to a specialitist on the 27th for a 2nd opinion because they think I have cancer.I was angry about this but got over it and got scared but then I said my prayers and got over that too!I know it will all turn out fine.Oh by the way umm my ex was texting me while I was trying on my dress lol.He just needed someone to talk to but I didn't tell him what I was doing.It's almost time for my baby boy to get home.I better go start the washer,dish washer,dryer,vacumme,etc but first I have to make a pit stop.Have a fantastic day!Hey I am open on ideas for what I need at a wedding!I know me,him,a dress,and a cake.Anything I'm forgetting?


-stephanie- said...

Oh Grace, that's so pretty. There are cover-ups you can wear to hide all the little bumps. You look great though! Don't forget the rings, and the license. Keep updating!

My niece just got married and the guys wore camo vests under their jackets. It looked neat.

Gracie said...

Congratulations on your Happily Ever After! I know you were beautiful yesterday. Love the dress. =)