Thursday, June 3, 2010

No Longer City Slickers!

I will change my blog header as soon as possible.I haven't lived in the city for 9 weeks!It has been 9 weeks since I moved in with Tom!The time has flew by but the good thing is is that we don't argue or fight or even get moody!We have both stayed happy with each other.Our farm is getting smaller.We took 4 sheep to the sale because they kept jumping the fences and the lamb died yesterday.That leaves us with 4 hens,1 rooster,1 bottle calf,2 sheep,3 dogs,and we lost count of cats since 3 of them had babies!We are hoping to just stick with horses,calfs,and chickens from now on.We will see how that goes!Anyway there is your random update so until next time!

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